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Your Cup of Coffee…

Can make a better WORLD!

Help The Moken People
collect Plastic from the Ocean

Plastic – a threat to
the world as we know it

Every year, more than 8 million tons of plastic is dumped into the ocean. An estimated 165 million tons has already entered the sea, seeping in to every part of the food chain, including ours.

Moken Against Plastic

The Moken people have roamed the ocean for ages in perfect harmony with nature.

Their surroundings are now heavily affected by plastic – plastic from everyone but themselves. 


Help the Moken save the Ocean!

The Moken want to clean the ocean from our mess. National park regulations and overfishing
has all but eradicated their natural way of life. Ironically, cleaning the ocean for plastic may
give some Moken the opportunity to live more like they wish, roaming the seas as they once used to. But they cannot eat plastic, that is why we want to support the Moken so they can roam free, and harvest plastic trash on behalf of all of us.

Support the Moken by donating two cups of coffee (12$) a month. All it takes are 20 people
donating and one Moken can feed his/her family by harvesting plastic. 40 people, 2 Moken families and so on.

You get the drift.

Moken Against Plastic
Moken Against Plastic

Skip a coffee-cup, and save the ocean and its people

Help The Moken People to
reduce plastic impact on the plantet

Donate Your contribution makes a difference

Moken Against Plastic